Dec 17, 2007

So I would just like to say that, out of 20 lovingly prepared entries in the office BAKE OFF, it was indeed yours truly who was victorious in the all important category of TASTE. I meant to take a photo of my magical creation but, tragically, forgot to, and so it will have to live on in myth and dream and the hearts of all who put it rapturously to their lips and forgot, for that one moment, all that tied them to the earth.

Joi came by in true lesbianic seeming fashion and was fortunate enough to witness this historic event. Afterwards, we went to the Algonquin for celebratory pink cocktails--these of the raspberry chili cosmopolitan variety--as well as to gaze upon the sumptuous tree, which is what my full baker's heart would look like, were it made of bark and needle:

The end.