Jan 14, 2008

I have many many astonishing things to report but for now I would just like to direct your attentione to the following lovely creation:

I read with Marie last year and then perused her very very lovely and lyrical memoir about the trapeze. Look:

The Aerialist caught the hoop beautifully every time, sometimes with her feet, sometimes with her arms, sometimes with her ankles, once with her head. She projected long shadows against the wall of the tent. Many times I thought she might fall and break her neck, but she didn’t. It was the first time I’d seen anything like it. From a distance, she looked perfect. She did not seem to sweat. She did not seem to breathe. Her body appeared weightless. She was so far above me she could have been God.

Later, I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I was so touched by the way she defied everything human in herself: unafraid of heights, flexible and strong.

That night, I dreamt shadows were dancing above me. I thought I was falling from a trapeze and I woke to my own shuddering.

Very beauteous, I know. Plus she is doing this cool reading which yours truly and my sister and Joi will be attending, as none of us can possibly resist a poetry brothel featuring trapeze:

Marie Carter and Natalie Agee Performing THE TRAPEZE DIARIES (on the trapeze) at The Poetry Brothel!

Jan. 18th Opening Night! Featuring Marie Carter and Natalie Agee performing The Trapeze Diaries

The Poetry Brothel will open for business at 11PM at the Living Theater (21 Clinton St, Lower East Side) on January 18th! Opening night features MARIE CARTER and NATALIE AGEE, performing from The Trapeze Diaries (Hanging Loose Press, 2008) on the trapeze!

The Poetry Brothel is a night not for the timid. Here's how it works: The 3rd Friday of every month the "Madame" presents some of this city's finest poets for an interactive night of surreal happenings, literary debauchery and private poetry readings. The Poetry Brothel offers up a wine and whiskey bar, a blackjack table, and a bathtub, with spectacular performances from our poets, performers, and artists throughout the night. It's $10 all night, which includes one free drink and all the private readings you can handle! Come one, come all!