Jan 21, 2008

So I am sitting here writing writing my new novel with books on everything medieval spread around me and I just have to pause so that youse can take a gander at some of the things they (rich people) ate:

-- artichokes with blueberry rice (which I shall make in the very near future)
-- pears with carob cream
-- spiced partridge in nutted wine sauce
-- bird stuffed with dates and mustard
-- chicken stuffed with lentils, cherries, and cheese
-- fried loache (white fish) with roses and almonds
-- salmon and currant dumplings
-- sorrel soup with figs and dates

And tons of spices, with my favorite, cinnamon, in almost everything.. I can see now how in future drafts I will have to take out at least 50 references to cinnamon and cloves. Spices, fruits and flowers are the best things to write about. Sigh. Not to mention torches and feather quills and bottles of ink and parchment paper. And needlework and crackling fires and the Arno river. So many gorgeous things to write about, I cannota stand it. !

In other news, Joi and Rob came over to my sister's the other night for hours of Make Me a Supermodel and other tawdry examples of modern life. I have a crush on Perry, I'm not gonna lie: "I'd say if I had to improve on anything I guess I'd be more good looking... if that's possible." The way he strutted in that Heatherette garb.. with a broken foot! Such manliness! I have also been cooking and working out like crazy with my sister, and writing, and then last night I had a romantical dinner of paella and red wine with my friend Eric, who is gearing up to finish his first novel, which will be astounding--melancholy and lovely and sweet and profound, all against the backdrop of a weird, romantic, gloomy Berlin. I caint wait!