Jan 15, 2008

So I'm staying at my sister's apartment for the next couple of weeks because we're doing a BOOT CAMP together: eating healthy food and working out before work and after work in her swanky downtown apartment building gym and generally just being gorgeously Amazonian. Last night Joi came, too, to elegantly use the elliptical machine and imbibe brown rice, tofu,and veggies. Tonight, however, did not go quiiite as well. After work I was to have a quick drink that turned into two LARGE goblets of red wine and yours truly sluttily making out on a park bench with the cutest boy ever. THEN I came back to the apartment and was woozily changing into my workout clothes when my sister called to say that her new beau DeWayne was coming over with TAKEOUT FROM NOBU. My heart stopped. Everything changed at that moment and before I knew it the following shimmering vision had appeared, as if conjured from my deepest, most secret heart:

We had tons of sushi, miso cod, all this lobster... Plus he roodly brought some lovely red wine and a pint of low fat Cherry Garcia yogurt. Here is the actual culprit who is the enemy of boot camps everywhere (not to mention an investment banker and a professional bodybuilder), again up to no good:

Now, hours later, my sister and I are drinking wine, watching Law and Order SVU, and attempting to recover.

Tomorrow, as we all know, is a brand new day. Sigh.