Jan 16, 2008

So this evening Tink and I shall be attending a talk on Armed America: Portraits of Gun Owners in Their Homes by one Mr. Kyle Cassidy at 6:30pm at the Soho Photo Gallery at 15 White Street. It costs 10 dolla. I mean look at how cool this book is:

Said lecture will take place just after the first meeting of my new, hardcore, five-week, 15-pages-a-week workshop, which my agent strongly recommended I take to work on my next novel -- the one about Dante's Beatrice set in 13th century Florence -- because she loves the woman leading it so much and thinks she's so good and thinks she would be good to work with on this book in particular. I had to turn in my first batch of pages on Sunday and on Saturday night still had no idea what to write. Despite the piles and piles of books on late medieval and early Renaissance Italy I have at home and at work.. I've been reading about what they ate -- spices! lots of cinnamon and cloves! cool candies and sugared fruits! big roasted birds! -- and what they wore and what their houses were like and what childbirth was like... all the things you do not learn in school whilst studying Dante. And then, late Saturday, after a brief and inspirational talk from Tink, I just got it. The whole world of the book flared to life. Suddenly I could inhabit my character's body and imagine her house and hear the fire crackling and feel the needlework in her hands, I could feel the poetry that animates her... and I just got her story and, at least in broad strokes, how it will happen. It just all came to life and I managed to churn out 12 pages by early afternoon on Sunday. It was quite exciting and if all goes well I should have 60 more pages within the next month. BECAUSE THAT IS HOW AWESOME I AM.

Plus I paid 600 smackers. Nothing like some dough sadly spent to inspire one!

In other news, I saw Sweeny Todd the other night with Shax and Eric, at the Ziegfield theater, and I looooved it. So weird and hilarious and gorgeous. Go see it immediately!