Apr 20, 2008

I have had a very very busy few weeks as I've left my job and had lovely goodbye parties, including at my boss Julius's amazing brownstone in Park Slope with its tin ceilings and fireplaces and secret rooms and ghosts of dead children, and I had some fancy lunches and meetings and talks with book and film peoples and even, at Trattoria dell'Arte, saw Gloria Steinem, who was so super glamorous and cool in her big sunglasses and trench coat, her gray hair piled on her head. Oh and my mom has been here since Thursday, so we've spent many many hours playing canasta with friends and seeing movies like The Counterfeiters and The Visitor (which was so lovely) and eating Afghan food and right now I'm doing laundry and getting ready to meet Massie for brunch and then a massage and since the pope is at the WTC now and we're right next to it there are cops EVERYWHERE. I just went down to get Starbucks and was shuttled through a side hallway into a side street and in the lobby of this building alone there are about 10 cops and then the street is full of intimidating black cars and men in suits and just cops cops cops, in suits and in uniforms, and on my way back to this building a cop had to escort me and it ALMOST feels like we're in a spy movie. Except not. And then tomorrow I load up a rental car, say goodbye to my best friend Aoife, and move mahself to Pennsylvania. The end.