Apr 28, 2008

So yesterday I went with my mom and my old old friend Barb and Barb's husband Scott to the circus. Barb lives a town over, in Bellefonte, where all the circus folk were staying over the past several days, like they do every three years when they come to town, and so she was hanging out with them night after night -- while yours truly was recovering from illness and writing diligently at home, mind you -- and had stayed out late the night before dancing shockingly in dive bars with members of the circus band. Which is why yesterday the four of us were pulled down and put in the "celebrity" first row which we thought just gave us an amazing view of the show but turned out to also obligate us to don hats mimicking Bello the clown's hairdo and ride in an extended circus train over the floor whilst waving to the crowds. Luckily, I was holding a camera and no one else was.

Circus photos:

Photos to save for blackmail purposes:

Me and my mama:

The end.