May 9, 2008

I have several items of extreme urgency and questionable natures to report.

1. Yesterday Barb and I, after a rousing and athletic game of racquetball, went and had a healthful dinner in the charming town of Boalsburg, PA. Afterwards, we were standing out front having a very secret conversation of things of a scandalous nature when I sensed that we were not quite... alone. Someone, or someTHING, was definitely up to no good. I scoured the landscape with my eagle eye and sure enough, there was an evil eavesdropper... and one trying very hard to escape detection. Can you spot him?

THAT IS RIGHT. The culprit was not more than a few feet away the whole time, trying to look as innocuous as possible. Luckily, I got him on film, and when you focus on that devillish mug it's like staring into the face of pure evil.

2. In cheerier news, I got the BEST PRESENT EVER from my friend Autumn. Imagine my susprise and delight when I opened a package to find not only a set of "eye-catching shimmers in four popping shades" but to see that the back of said package had been signed........... by BEN and PERRY of MAKE ME A SUPERMODEL fame. The two had come in for a shoot at the girly magazine at which Autumn is employed and had graciously (well apparently Ben was far more gracious than Perry, to my great sadness) signed said shimmers for yours truly. Lest you think I am just making this up in order to inspire jealousy worldwide, I present you with the following photo, in which I am gracefully modelling the mysterious and dazzling blue "shimmer."

3. Whilst on the topic of scinitillating gifts, I would like to show you:

a. Both the year's worth of cards and stamped, addressed envelopes given to me by Massie (so that I will write to her.... and inside each envelope is a card on which I must record various things like activities done that week and pages written) AND a pair of very elegant pink feather earrings presented to me by Joi. I mean really now.

b. the most glamorous notebook ever, sent to me by my friend Elissa.

4. Speaking of glamour, on Saturday I am attending a pig roast at the American Legion.

The end.