Jun 30, 2008

I just ordered this:

As soon as it arrives I will begin lessons with a woman in Philipsburg. Because THAT IS HOW COOL I AM.

In other news, my heart was broke last week when I went back to the horses with Courtney and this one horse started sniffing and chomping at my arms and getting all close and personal and within minutes my porcelain like yet traitorous skin erupted into terrible bumps that then went and turned themselves into welts. I AM ALLERGIC! DEATHLY ALLERGIC TO HORSES! I went home and cahriiiiied and scratched and took baths with baking soda and spread my skin with cortizone and even went so far as to contemplate moving back to New York City... but then the swelling went down and I realized I can still be a country bumpkin, just one who has to stick to pink bicycles and admire the equine beauty from afar. Sigh.

In other news, my deceptively angelic looking personal trainer tortured me so much last Thursday that I up and paid him for 20 more sessions, one of which I shall partake of in 90 minutes.

Also: Saturday I went to a giant party at my favorite farmhouse out in the country, a farmhouse I posted photos of some months back, and there were 100 people eating pulled pork at picnic tables in an 18th century barn.. and there were 50000 children racing around the pond and catching bullfrogs and tadpoles and petting chickens... and that is where I met this accordion player, by the way, who gave me the card of this woman in Phillipsburg, and I also talked to another woman who leads an outdoors/hiking club once a week on Tuesday evenings and IM GONNA JOIN. Then yesterday my mom and dad and Courtney and his son Duncan all went to a play in MILL HALL where you sit behind big tables and eat dinner while watching the show. Tomorrrow this teacher at Penn State is going to show me the dark rooms and explain how they work and this be NOVELISTIC RESEARCH. As my noir heroine is a photographer. I am quite sure that the bellydancing and accordion lessons will turn into novelistic research as well... if they're lucky.