Jun 20, 2008

So I have been in Canada with my family since Monday, and have seen two gorgeous plays, spent many many hours playing canasta, bought many many necklaces and rings and robes and staplers shaped like hens, and had many many lovely meals involving buttery red wine and smoked salmon atop white chocolate scones. A couple days ago I spent an hour writing by a fire before having a 90-minute massage and sitting around in a robe drinking spice tea, which I believe is very fitting behavior for peoples with movie deals (Godmother was optioned last week!). Yesterday was my sister's birthday and tomorrow is mine. We are in Niagara-on-the-Lake which is quaint as quaint can be. Upon returning from dinner last night there was even a deer standing stock still in the front yard of our b&b, pretending to be an extremely klassy lawn ornament.

Also, here is my sister and my mama and me saying "prune," which circekills reports is what the Olsen twins say at every photo op.

The end.