Jun 2, 2008

So I have been playing tons of racquetball this past several weeks with my friend Barb -- or, as we put it, "kicking ass" -- and today I present a photo of how astonishingly cool we look whilst doing it. Or how astonishingly cool Barb looked this morning, anyway.

Before last week I never used goggles when playing, but then Barb rooodly hit the ball right into my delicate EYEBALL and almost killed me. Now we are forced to look like science nerds or else die terrible eyeless deaths...

In other news, I today received two gorgeous gorgeous copies of Fucking Daphne, the just-published anthology put together by and about Ms Daphne Gottlieb and in which I took part. Here is a description of the book from the publisher:

When Daphne Gottlieb first found herself the character in someone else's story she was intrigued; over time, as she appeared in more and more stories, she started to wonder about the implications of what was real and what wasn't. Did it matter that there were published stories of her having sex in bathrooms, vacant parking lots, on the balcony at a party in an old bordello? Did it matter whether or not they were true?

This question sparked the idea for Fucking Daphne, a collection that blurs the lines between reality and fiction and begs the question “who is the real Daphne?” A pill-popping wild child? A soft place to fall with a broken heart? A dreadlocked vixen?

Contributors include Hanne Blank, Stephen Elliot, Sarah Katherine Lewis, and Ariel Gore, who describe, watch, and engage with a character that is not Daphne Gottlieb; Daphne is a projection, a fantasy, a zeitgeist. We are all a multitude of people in bed. We are all Daphne.

Harnessing the playfulness of the hoax, the seductiveness of literature, and the edginess of the avant-garde, Fucking Daphne is unique in a culture hungry for sex, information, and most of all, understanding.


My contribution, by the way, features me and Daphne gettin it on in a cab going over the Brooklyn Bridge.