Jul 3, 2008

I am excited today because:

1. I am going to get a big tattoo on my left arm of Daphne turning into a laurel tree, and Joi's tattoo artist -- who has done such completely beautiful work on her for the past months -- is going to do it for me in Mucha/nouveau style... Not until the fall, I don't think, but she's gonna start working on it now..

2. I saw The Happening last night and I loved it even tho I could totally see why you'd think it was awful. But I have ALWAYS KNOWN that plants and trees are purely evil and always always always up to no good!!!! They're the devil!

3. I had a long talk with a very inspirational book editor from London and now I have ideas for 50000 new books and would get started on one RIGHT NOW if it weren't for the MASSAGE and HAIR CUT and MANICURE PEDICURE I must go get. Sigh. It is imperative also that I get BRIGHT RED fingernails because with what other color could one play that ravishing new accordion that is winging its way to me as we speak?? Bright red with glitter.

4. My sister is coming for a long weekend that involves fireworks, another play at the very very charming Millbrook Playhouse cabaret (where you sit at long tables and eat and drink whilst watching), and a lovely Sunday picnic at a dam with many horse farm workers plus my sister plus MY NEW HOMETOWN PARAMOUR with whom I am much infatuated. And his genius son.

5. I am almost done reading through Joi's new novel, and it is FUCKING GORGEOUS.

The end.