Jul 17, 2008

I just wanted to write down how last night I took a night time walk with Courtney and Duncan through this park near where we all live.. The sun was just setting, the sky was this dark clear blue, there was a giant yellow moon hanging over this field of wildflowers we were circling, fireflies were glimmering out from every direction like little stars, Duncan was racing ahead of us and making lines and circles in the dirt, a bird dropped from a branch and pretended to be wounded, then led us away from her babies, squawking all the while, and she hopped up on this tree branch so she and the tree were black against the sky, and we took this tree-lined path to where the two horses are, fireflies sparking on either side, and the two of them were nuzzling each other, their big heads were swaying back and forth, and as we were walking, too, we kept passing little bunnies standing stock still amongst the flowers, and basically it was the witchiest, most magical night EVER.

In other news, my trainer keeps making me do the most horrible things, like lying backwards on a pink ball and crunching up to catch a small black ball he tosses to me, or squatting with cords under my feet and hooked to a bar I'm carrying across my shoulders, crab-walking sideways across the floor. I am seeing him three times a week now and he just stands there with his angel face saying "You're doing great Carolyn!" while sweat pours off me in rivers and I cryyyyyyyyyyyy from pain. I am starting to like it tho, to my great horror.

This weekend my 16-year-old cousin Frankie is coming to visit, and we shall be going to horse farms and making pottery and belly dancing and seeing movies and shopping and eating macaroni and cheese.

The end.