Jul 23, 2008

Right now it is raining raining raining and all night there was thunder and rumbling and my room is so nice and I have so much writing to do and a brand new glittering monitor to look at AND I REALLY DO NOT WANT TO GET UP AND GO MEET MY PERSONAL TRAINER AT 11. The awesome thing about a personal trainer however is that no matter how much you rack your brain for an excuse.. there aint no gettin out of it. After my introductory three sessions I paid for 20 more, and once I'm done with these I'm paying for 20 more, I think, because there is NO WAY I'd do this otherwise and surely today at 11 I would be lying glamorously in my bed eating bon bons a la JEAN HARLOW rather than draping myself over pink balls in extremely unflattering not to mention unladylike manners.

In other news, I can now play Three Blind Mice on my accordion. I am practicing out of an old yellowed-paged book that includes many inspirational photos like this one:

I know.

I can also do an electric shimmy now, and will spend at least ten minutes this afternoon practicing -- or, more precisely, UNDULATING against my wall.

Also: I am totalllllly smitten.