Oct 25, 2008

So I have been working working working, trying to finish up noirs and trying to figure out books about mermaids, plus doing photography classes and accordion lessons and letting my personal trainer attempt murder on me three times a week. Last weekend I was in New York to meet Joi's new love , who is completely charming and debonair, and I took 500000000000 photos of them posing and frolicking gorgeously in Central Park and other locales but I haven't developed them yet and if they don't turn out I'll cry.

I spent yesterday out in the boondocks with Heather trying to make her look like Leda right after the swan's left:

Also, this is where I drive half an hour and over a mountain to to take my accordion lessons:

I don't really see how anyone could take lessons anywhere else. My teacher Clarice is awesome and rides motorcycles and works with power tools and has 4 kids and is 35 and has played accordion since she was a kid. She'd sit on a swing under a tree and serenade all the neighborhood kids, she said.

If you look closely you can see my byooootiful accordion not to mention highly stylish purse by the door.

Also, here is Heather playing my accordion, which is obviously more fashionable than any Birkin bag:

And here is me being attacked by a feather.

The end.