Dec 16, 2008

So I got back to State College on Sunday via a 5000-hour-long train ride and then Monday drove my mother and her dog Gus up to Ithaca, NY, where Gus shall be tested by doctors at Cornell as he is afflicted with mysterious ailments that I suspect he fakes in order to be romantic and better loved. I know there is a name for that. Now we are holed up in a Best Western for a few days, which to some people might not sound so great but to me is the BEST THING EVER as I have an unnatural affection for motels, as well as new towns, and would like to live in them all the time. I will also be able to do a lot of writing as well as visit the Moosewood Restaurant and other local attractions. Plus we gonna see Milk. And last night played many rounds of canasta in the hotel lobby over cups of instant cocoa. I know, it seems like a dream doesn't it.

Also, yesterday Jennifer Belle sent in this gorgeous quote for Godmother, which by the way comes out in EARLY MARCH and will change your life:

"Turgeon must have a magic wand for a pen--these haunting, dazzling pages turn themselves." --Jennifer Belle, author of High Maintenance and Little Stalker

Plus I'm also not sure I ever posted these two:

"GODMOTHER's a book of heartbroken magic for anyone who stayed up past midnight and wondered where the fairy tale went. A beautiful, aching book." -- Warren Ellis, author of Crooked Little Vein

“The story Carolyn Turgeon has crafted, wrought with equal parts beauty and despair, and with just enough ambiguity to appeal to all kinds of readers, is simply heart-rending.” -- Jeanine Cummins, bestselling author of A Rip in Heaven

The end.