Dec 30, 2008

So I've been in NYC the past several days and would like to note the following:

1. This play BECKY SHAW, which I saw on Christmas Eve with my sister and parents after a lovely and romantical dinner at Chez Josephine, is very very very good. I mean thoroughly enjoyable and smart and funny from beginning to end, with characters you haven't quite seen before, so you should obviously go see it immediately.

2. This movie I'VE LOVED YOU SO LONG, which I saw on Saturday with my beauteous friend Eric after drinking some rose tea and petting random elegant dogs in Soho, is gorgeous and devastating and Kristin Scott Thomas is just magnificent. My favorite movies this year I think were this one plus MILK and FROZEN RIVER. I still keep thinking about Milk; I can't remember a movie in which I fell so completely in love with everyone in it and I think it rather broke mah heart.

3. The other night I watched this special on the Madoff scandal with my sister and at one point they're interviewing some grand older leopard-print-y NYC woman who was friends with Madoff and lost a ton of dough with him, and she was really quite haughty and awesome and at one point the interviewer asked her if she was bitter and she replied, eyebrows arched, "No, I'm not bitter, because I don't think that's healthy or helpful. But I am pissed off," in this way that was completely kick ass.

4. On Sunday eve I went to a lovely soiree at Joi's and amongst other things was introduced to a boy named WIlliam from Seattle whom I immediately recognized as this guy I met on the campus of Evergreen State College when I was 18. That would be NINETEEN YEARS AGO, as I am very old. William of course had no idea who I was but I remembered him because he was romantic and dark haired and I actually named the dead lover of Mary Finn in Rain Village William because of him (and the actual place Rain Village was loosely and exagerratedly based on Olympia, Washington, with all its lush green wet sparkliness). In fact I also named the lost prince-lover in Godmother William as well before my lovely UK editor delicately pointed out that there is a very identifiable Prince Willaim alive and well today. Plus, I really ought to not have a dead or lost romantical prince-ish character named William in each book tho let's face it, William IS the perfect name for such mens.