Jan 23, 2009

So I had this gorgeous day yesterday which I must write down for posterity.


1. I had long talks throughout the day with my wondrous friend ANTHONY MADRID who gave me much gorgeous toughlove advice about all romantical proceedings, in the best way possible, tho sad cause now I think I screwed up the whole Memphis thing... or that the boy and I did equally.

2. I had a long long sparkling lunch with Ms. Elyssa East, author of this upcoming tome about Dogtown, Massachusetts, that is going to be lush and spooky and fascinating, and we ate at a retro diner where I had a retro BLT and piece of retro cherry pie, and we talked about our 50000 book ideas and projects and her magnificent engagement and aging and many other wondrous things, and it was the kind of lunch that fills one with creative energy and ideas and possibility. And she is just one delightful chica.

3. I then met my friend Ron at Nat Sherman, where you pick out your cigar upstairs and then are led elegantly downstairs to the smoke room to smoke and have coffee, and the cool older woman behind the counter asked me what kind of cigar I wanted and I said well I would like.. and she said a lady's cigar? and I said YES please I would like the cigar equivalent of a pink cocktail and as I was saying with an umbrella sticking out of it she was saying with a cherry on top and I said yes, yes, and she picked out two different cigars, one fatter, one thinner, and said she recommended the fatter one because it was milder but that I might want the smaller one and I said no I trust you and she said I don't see why! and I said oh because I am extremely naive. And thus my cigar was purchased and cut and we were led in hushed manner downstairs where it was all wood and jazz and smoke and men and coffee set out next to wrapped sugar cubes, and Ron and I played two games of Scrabble and drank coffee and smoked cigars and even tho it was rather disgusting the way that cigar smoke just coats your mouth and skin and hair and I mean really it just molests you that stuff, I loved it, I love old retro and super manly cigar bars and steakhouses and anything of that ilk, and plus I won both games and next to us were two doods at the bar hashing out a book or screenplay of some sort and it just was cool. Admit it.

4. I then sat outside Sephora on 42nd Street for a few minutes, no doubt reeking of cigars, and talking to Anthony Madrid via pink cellphone when who should glide past me but Ms. Jane Fonda, sweet little white moppet dog in tow, wearing a poofy purple jacket and looking so stunning and glamorous. She looked right at me and I thought damn that is a beautiful woman and then I realized who it was and she happens to be in this play that's about to open that my friend Eric is one of the producers for, it's called 33 Variations, and so I know how luminous and amazing they all think she is and I know that woman be over 70, and I thought oh how lovely, as Elyssa and I earlier had been talking about that weirdness of realizing we're in our late 30s and I told her, for example, about how when I was 34 I was dating that distinguished, famous, genius economist playboyish dood who was 48 then, and I felt all young and lush around him and then realized one day, in horror, that he considered me to be the OLD one he was dating.... Now I know that's playboy think but still, now I'm 37, 38 this June, and well, it is awfully nice to have some 70-something hot mamas gliding past you on the street...

5. I then made my way to Williamsburg to await Joi's return from KANSAS, where she was visiting her beloved, and I wandered about and I had pineapple rice and I drank almond bubble tea and I wrote 5000000 notes notes notes about my mermaid book and also read me some Patricia Highsmith, which is really quite a lovely thing to do whilst drinking almond bubble tea in little Japanese tearooms, and I am so excited about this new book....

6. And then Joi came back and we went to M's and then her place and we had much wine and we talked talked talked and amongst other things made extraordinary plans for the best road trip ever, as in late March I shall be helping her up and move to Lawrence, Kansas, for true luvvv, after she's done spent her whole life in New York, and I just think it's so exciting and cool and world-expanding, and we're gonna drive through Pennsylvania and then down to Knoxville and then over to Nashville and then over to Memphis, and then up through Missouri and then into Kansas. And I'm gonna hang out and help Joi unpack and get settled and I'm gonna see Lawrence and Kansas City and we're gonna take a trip up to one of my favorite places OMAHA, NEBRASKA, where we shall stay in the princess house of my gorgeous fashionista friend Alice Kim, a lass who up and left her fabulous NYC existence a couple years back to settle herself down in Omaha and live the Midwest dream and now she owns a little shop in the warehouse district and lives in a princess mansion. I love stories like that.

7. And now I'm off to meet my gorgeous friend Valerie for lunch, Valerie being the woman who done optioned GODMOTHER for film at Random House Films and possibly one of the most beautiful and brilliant women I've ever met. The kind of woman who's obsessed with books and worked as a model to put herself through grad school. I mean really.

The end.