Mar 7, 2009

So my reading on Wednesday night went very well and I was nervous because I'd only picked out the little bits I was going to read over lunch that day with Massie at HOSS'S and wasn't all that well prepared, but I am so much better speaking to a crowd now than I was for Rain Village, so much more relaxed and more focused on the audience's experience rather than my own nervousness, and it went swimmingly and I think about 50 books were sold and since I went to high school and college in State College there were lots of old friends and old coworkers from the Diner where I worked from age 17 till 25 or so and my great old Italian professor who first taught me Dante and many of my parents' friends, and so on. And there were red velvet cupcakes. And my mama made adorable bookmarks with glittery stars on them, and I had a bowl full of glass slipper tattoos, and when someone asked about the accordion I promised that by the next book, the mermaid book, I would play a full on mermaid song that would make you feel like you'd done slipped underwater and grown fins.

Oh and the community relations manager Meredith wants to have a book club meeting for Godmother, and we scheduled that for May 7, at which time I will be staying up in Cornwall-on-Hudson for a few months but will come back to PA for a visit.

Also: Thursday Godmother came out in the UK (and I think across Europe), in hardback with the lovely glittery cover, and I came home yesterday to find a byooootifull huge bouquet of flowers sent from Headline, my publisher there. The paperback comes out there in July and they're putting together a reader's guide which shall, among other things, include lovely fairy recipes and audio and video clips provided by yours truly.

Yesterday I was feeling quite down, I have to say, probably just drained from all the stress and nerve-wrackedness from bookly things, which makes me even more quick to delicato tears than usual, and so I went to lunch with my mama and later out to see MALL COP with Massie and her mama, and Massie made me a card with a photo of the MALL COP on the cover to cheer me up.

I mean really.

And now I have slept about 5000 hours and am going to watch my parents' dogs for 8 days while they are in the Caribbean and plan to write write write in this house alone and also do the MASTER CLEANSE, starting today. This is a rare opportunity for self-enclosure. Cause soon there are more readings and then a two-week road trip with Joi out to Kansas and then Cornwall and then a trip out West for FAERIEWORLDS and then come fall I plan to spend a few months in BERLIN.

The end.