Apr 8, 2009

So I have two wondrous events coming up:

First, this Friday in OMAHA I will be reading at 7pm at the B&N at 3333 Oakview Drive. Joi, Krysztof and I are heading up tomorrow.. since I LOVE OMAHA, and then I found out last week that this B&N has made Godmother its hand sell pick of the month and has 100 copies in stock..! I've been visiting plenty of B&Ns in the last week or so and they all have about 4 or 5 copies on hand, NOT ONE HUNDRED. So they are obviously geniuses in Omaha, as I have long suspected. If you HAPPEN to live in Omaha or within 10 hours' driving, you should obviously attend.

THEN ON SUNDAY MAY 10th at 4pm I will be reading at the fabulous fireplace- and victrola-havin abode of MS TRILLIAN STARS and MR KYLE CASSIDY in West Philadelphia. And the wondrous NICKI JAINE will be singing gorgeous, Dietrich-esque cabaret. And I think it will be the most lovely evening ever. Oh, and I plan to read maybe a snippet of Godmother but then mostly from the mermaid book I'm writing now, and that should be out next spring or summer (I think)... If you can come to that, please email me (carolynturgeon at gmail dot com) for the top secret address!

Actually, in between those two things, on May 7, I will be going to a book club discussion of Godmother at the State College B&N...

IN OTHER NEWS, I totally love Lawrence and Kansas City. Joi, Krysztof and I headed in on Monday and met Chris and Lydia at this awesome live play version of THE BREAKFAST CLUB, then we met up with one Mr Gregg Todt and had some drinks and we were at this one bar where you can write in chalk on the bathroom walls so of course I wrote READ DANTE as I am extremely cool and like to promote literacy even whilst glamorously getting waysted. Actually, I drank like one wine and then switched to Diet Coke. Sigh.

Yesterday we finally unloaded and returned that damn Uhaul, which seemed so monstrous and badass at first but was actually pretty I GUESS A BIT ON THE DINKY SIDE (we pulled up next to another Uhaul truck back in West Virginia and it was then that I realized I was slightly less badass than I'd thought, but still a bit badass don't get me wrong).. And Chris and Lydia whisked me to a dinner that involved FRIED CORN ON THE COB and CHOCOLATE COVERED BACON, both of which were quite delicious tho I believes roodly made me quite sick later in the eve, and then a group of us ended up watching TWO LOVERS at the adorable old timey art theater here and then having some vino.

Today I must write like a mofo as I have some extreme deadline coming up for the mermaid book, which REALLY interferes with my vino-drinking chocolate-covered-bacon-eating time. But then tonight I get to partake in a dance party with Krysztof's chillens and then watch bellydancing videos and go bowling. The best way to spend a Wednesday night I always say.

The end.