Jun 9, 2009

Please admire this byoootiful and extremely scary anthology I am in. My story is about LA LLORONA. It will make you laugh, cry, fall in love, gnash your teeth, and wave your hands in the air to praise the lawd above. And that's just one story out of TWENTY! Unless I counted wrong, which is entirely possible!


Haunted Legends edited by Ellen Datlow & Nick Mamatas TOC
An anthology of original stories inspired by regional ghost stories and urban legends, coming out from Tor (hopefully in 2010).

Table of Contents

"Introduction: Saying Boo" Nick Mamatas

"Knickerbocker Holiday" Richard Bowes

"That Girl" Kaaron Warren

"Akbar" Kit Reed

"The Spring Heel" Steven Pirie

"As Red as Red" Caitlín R. Kiernan

"Tin Cans" Ekaterina Sedia

"Shoebox Train Wreck" John Mantooth

"15 Panels Depicting the Sadness of the Baku & the Jotai" Catherynne M. Valente

"La Llorona" Carolyn Turgeon

"Face Like a Monkey" Carrie Laben

"Down Atsion Road" Jeffrey Ford

"Return to Mariabronn" Gary A. Braunbeck

"Following Double-Face Woman" Erzebet YellowBoy

"Oaks Park" M.K. Hobson

"For Those in Peril on the Sea" Stephen Dedman

"The Foxes" Lily K. Hoang

"The Redfield Girls" Laird Barron

"Between Heaven and Hull" Pat Cadigan

"Chucky Comes to Liverpool" Ramsey Campbell

"The Folding Man" Joe R. Lansdale