Jun 22, 2009

So yesterday was my birthday and I am now THIRTY EIGHT and therefore extremely old in that soon-i-wont-be-able-to-have-babies-not-that-i-want-to-but-what-if-i-do-later! kinda way. To celebrate said happening I treated myself to the most gorgeous 90 minute hot stone massage and the lady was so thorough she included my 38 year old mug! She even massaged my glamorously fluttering eyelids! It was quite blissful and those smooth stones... like hot liquid spreading across your skin! I have decided I should get one every single day from now on. I was also serenaded in the morning by Massie and Marcie, my roommates in the old upstate farmhouse I'm staying in for the moment, and Merissa, who was up for the weekend to install her piece for the art opening this Saturday... and that was very lovely tho somewhat disturbing, I'm not gonna lie.


I mean really:

As you can see from the tour and photos I have generously provided above, it is so beautiful here... and even tho people are complaining about the weather right now, I LOVE IT and think it makes everything that much more stunning. The other night I worked late on my book at the cottage, and when I left I walked, enchanted, back to the grey house. There was the most light, soft, veil-like rain falling... you could barely feel it yet it was streaming streaming down in the lights... and the long grass swaying back and forth and the trees rustling..! And there is a big old porch to sit on and watch as these big rains come down... Yesterday after my massage I took a long afternoon nap with the window open and this rain-laden breeze coming in... And even now I'm sitting here in this coffee shop and everything's all gearing up for more rain... the sky's all silver with charcoal colored clouds moving in.. It's gorgeous and strange and I love that feeling of a storm coming on... And so really.. I HOPE IT RAINS ALL SUMMER LONG!

In other news, look at this lovely little article. I like the photo too and have decided to pose with lemons in the foreground from now on, at all times. Oh and a few nights ago we had a big dinner and maybe 20 or 25 women came and we all ate and then sat around the cottage living room and I read a snippet from Rain Village and a bit more from Godmother. I have to say, after reading at Trillian and Kyle's in Philly last month and then here... it is so much nicer to read in those intimate, homey settings, sitting on a couch cross-legged with people gathered around. It feels very warm, very old-time storytellery, like we should all be sitting around a fire. I love that!

Finally, here is a photo of the most byootiful and glamorous dog in the world. She is a very old lady, but she is still spry and always, always dainty in her movements. In fact, recently my friend Rob came to visit and we were glamorously doing a JIGSAW PUZZLE and when one of the pieces seemed to be missing and he speculated that "maybe the dog ate it," I didn't have any idea what he meant at first. And then I realized he was referring to MUMU.

"A dog"! As if she would be caught dead with a puzzle piece in her mouth!!! I mean look at her!

If some Dom Perignon or some truffles went missing, then MAYBE.