Jul 9, 2009

So I will be at POWELL'S in PORTLAND, the main store on Burnside, on WEDNESDAY, JULY 29, at 7:30pm, so please come! This is my take two at Powell's, since when I was first there, in January 2007, to read from RAIN VILLAGE, it snowed like one inch and the whole city shut down and my reading was rooodly cancelled and my heart broke into 50000000 snowflake shaped pieces.

I have many other fascinating things to report, as there have been GLORIOUS ART SHOWS and ROMANTIC RENDEVOOOUS and EMERGENCY ROOM VISITS and BOOKS COMING OUT IN THE UK and DEATHLY SUNBURNS ON ANCIENT BATTLEFIELDS taking place since I last wrote here, but I am too busy trying to finish books about mermaids by the end of the month as well as prepare for FAERIEWOLRDS, where I shall share a booth with LANA GUERRA and JESSE RENO and have just learned that amongst Lana, Jesse, my friend Barb and yours truly, not a one of us knows anything about putting up tents or camping. I have ordered a big white festival tent for this event--which I did not realize I had to do initially; I thought that when I rented a booth I was renting a BOOTH--in which we shall display my books and Lana and Jesse's many wondrous things, and now I fear that if we succeed in hoisting up this tent at all it will soon thereafter blow softly away into the wind as we all stand there and cry.

Now to take the sting of that very devastating image away, I leave you with this photo of my best friend AOIFE showing Marcie's Boo Radley tree -- one of the wonders at the art show Compass up here at the Grail in Cornwall -- to her bear. I mean really.

Please note the exceptionally fabulous boots I bought her, which light up when she walks.

I know.