Sep 5, 2009

I had many adventures yesterday and will write later about the bulk of them... but earlier in the day I went to my friend Heather's new place for lunch, where amongst other things Heather, Barb, and I enjoyed the gorgeously newly released and newly-colored-by-Lee-Moyer comic STARSTRUCK:

And Heather's glamorous cat SITA, whom I always likened to Joi's glamorous cat the late Elly, posed elegantly in the sunlight as we did.

Plus, our friend Hannah had lunch with us, but left before PHOTO OPS, and amongst other things told us about her INSECT STUDIES (she's getting her PhD in em) and pet HISSING COCKROACHES. She also told us about dissecting roaches in some class and their insides being like marshmallow, and I fainted dead away for at least two hours as a result. Paramedics were called and I survived, just barely.

The end.