Mar 26, 2010

I have become very bad at writing on here due to the gorgeousness of Facebook, where you can tell almost all of your friends (that you've ever had, ever! and even all of your acquaintances!) something in two seconds, not to mention the ungorgeousness of my own attention span... but anyway, two quick things involving two of my favorite things, glass and ICE!

First, I am completely in love with the glass dresses of Ms. Karen Lamonte, like this one at the Renwick Gallery at the Smithsonian that my friend Brien went to see yesterday. He sent me the link and I done lost my breath. Gorgeous and strange and haunting and ethereal... everything I love, like out of some spooky fairytale. I hope to go down to DC in the near future for the DC reading of one Ms JEANINE CUMMINS, whose first novel The Outside Boy is about to come out, so  I can see it in person. Plus Karen Lamonte has got some amazing stuff at the Corning Museum of Glass.

I don't know why I'm so in love with glass. But glass, snow, ice, water, rain, glitter... all of that makes me swoon. I once dated this art collecting guy who had this unbelievable table that was like a swoosh of glass, just a mass of glass that went straight across and then swooped down on one side, like some frozen waterfall, or a glacier, and he also had these glass balls that hung from his ceiling, tons of them, at different levels, so that in a certain light it was really unbelievably ethereal. And he lived in this Tribeca loft so you could see the glass from different levels and angles. Amazing. Of course, this man was completely insane. Sigh.

Anyway, speaking of glaciers (and insane men, most likely) I am incredibly excited to be going to ALASKA this summer, where I've never been, and among other things I shall be visiting this FAMOUS GLACIER that you see in the distance here:

You can take a one-hour boat ride to get up close and personal with said glacier, and I shall be driving myself over within hours of getting off the plane. I'm going to Alaska in the first place because in July I'll be teaching at the University of Alaska at Anchorage Low-Residency MFA program, which holds this two-week long summer residency each year where all MFA students and faculty (including the wondrous Jo-Ann Mapson, who thought of me for the job) gather in Anchorage and have 500000 workshops and lectures and readings. (For the rest of the year I'll mentor a few students from afar, via email.) I got my plane ticket yesterday and tacked on an extra week and made a car reservation so I can see me some Alaska and befriend me some moose, all by my lonesome. I'm excited -- for the MFA stuff, and the moose! And then for that week I can do whatever. I might do a ten-hour road trip to see my old friend Erika in Haines, and/or I might just drive around looking for polar bears and hidden treasure and sleighs.

The end.