Mar 31, 2010

A teeny, tiny Mermaid snippet:

“Stop it, all of you!” Nadine said, lifting a heap of jewelry from the chest and tossing it out at them. Heavy gold and silver, jewels of every color, streaking across the water. All manner of sea creature appeared suddenly, from under rocks and among the coral, attracted by the flashing gems. “It’s over. Lenia’s back. We’re arguing over nothing.”

Bolette laughed as a bracelet knocked against her cheek, then fell onto a tentacle of a passing squid. And then they all began to laugh, twisting onto their sides, batting jewels and stones and coins, hundreds of coins from the bottom of the chest, back and forth.

Just like that, the argument was forgotten.

Only Lenia remained quiet, watching as an eel slinked by, catching a twinkling silver ring in its open, gaping mouth.