May 25, 2010

So I am at Tink's house in Queens for a few days, visiting Tink and my best friends Aoife, who just turned 3, and Shameless, the Dog without Shame. I spent the weekend upstate with my friend David, his wife Julie, and their four crazy boy children, ages 2 to 11, who almost killed me by making me play baseball and badminton non stop and, in brief moments of respite, reciting the plots of my books to them. We also spent much time traipsing around ponds.


In other news, today I have a guest post up at Random House's sci fi/fantasy blog.

And today Tink and I visited Penguin for her to do bookly things related to the imminent launch of her NEW BOOK, and said visit included some quality time with nerdly author extraordinaire Anton Strout:

The end.