May 13, 2010

So I wanted to post some photos from Philly, too, which I did not get to the other day due to excessive VERBOSITY. BUT I had this lovely weekend in Philly with my sister, staying with my friends Mark and Jen and their beauteous hellion daughter Anna, who fell madly in love with my sister and decided that I am now chopped liver, sigh, even tho I brought her a RAGGEDY ANN DOLL from her favorite place CRACKER BARREL, I mean really, and we did sweet things like play frisbee in parks and have lovely brunches, and then Saturday night we had a big wonderful dinner in Chinatown, all of us plus our friend Rob, and one Ms. Trillian Stars and Mr. Kyle Cassidy, glamorous couple extraordinaire, and one Ms. Lindsay who was visiting Trillian, and my sister's and my old friends Sue and Bob whom we had not seen in many many moons but now are in touch with again due to the wonders of Facebook, and afterward many of us went to see the best show ever in this world, DEVOTCHKA followed by GOGOL BORDELLO at the Electric Factory. Which was amazing. I've seen Devotchka a few times and they're one of my favorite bands, and they were gorgeous as usual, but then Gogol Bordello came out and I have to say sorta blew everything and everyone else out of the water. I believes they come from that circus mentality of throw everything out at you at once, razzle and dazzle and overwhelm you, and they were all leaping about and dancing and practically hurling themselves into the crowd. Awesome.


The end.