May 27, 2010

So today I went to a Book Blogger cocktail party with Anton Strout and Jennifer Belle and Jeanine Cummins -- the one thing I did at Book Expo tho I am in NYC this week and COULD have done more things -- but oh my goodness. I hate networking! I pictured cocktails and dresses and whores derves and even maybe some DANCING, but sadly it did not involve any of the above, just much peering at nametags and exchanging of business cards and an occasional moment of amore between author and blogger, or mermaids (I met the author of this book, for example), or authoress and marshmallow-topped brownie. I was also very happy to receive a copy of this book, which could possibly save my life. Overall it was not unpleasant, but I suppose that when it comes to yours truly, as much as I love all humankind, not to mention all animalkind, when put in a room and expected to mingle, my wide-open heart begins to falter in its love-in with the world at large. Oh, but I did meet some lovely bloggers who read and reviewed Godmother, even if one of them roodly hated the ending despite it being, like, the perfect ending. I'm just saying. Overall tho, I am not the best mingler in this world, though I might possibly be in the next, since really, you never know.

We did all have a gorgeous dinner afterwards, the four of us, some fancy Cuban food in a place with sparkling tiles and dim lights and flickering chandeliers, and Anton even showed me an ARC of Haunted Legends, which I have a story in.

Speaking of Jennifer, honestly: this might be the best video ever.

The end.