Jun 23, 2010

I have a bunch of things I've been meaning to write about, like for example the rest of Tink's book tour in DC, NYC and Boston, a gorgeous workshop my sister and I are taking with Ms Veronica Varlow in NYC, many ravishing plays and shows and movies, and a romantical sojourn or two including my recent summer solstice BIRTHDAY this past Monday which has shockingly left me less than one year away from becoming the NEW 30 and was spent with a wondrous French scientist at a haunted Victorian b&b in a town famous for its elk viewing and chainsaw art. Oh, and I'm not sure I mentioned that Godmother has been optioned for a second time, by a fancy old studio in France which is in no way related to said scientist. Oh! And I am leaving soon for ALASKA and will, among other things, visit with a Pulpwood Queens book club chapter in the Anchorage women's prison (a club that read and discussed Godmother last year!), after going to a glacier that morning and before spending the evening at dinner and a drag queen show with those Anchorage Pulpwood Queens not currently incarcerated.

But for NOW I would just like to share with you the recently unveiled COVER of this wondrous collection of retold ghost stories that yours truly is in and that is edited by Ms Ellen Datlow and Mr Nick Mamatas and available for your purchasing needs in early September.

Look how awesome it is:

And you can pre-order it here.

I know!