Nov 2, 2010

So I am in Iceland now, I got here Sunday and am on my way back to New York, after spending a couple more weeks in Berlin and a couple days around Heidelberg visiting my old friend Erika and her family and seeing some amazing creepy castles, including CASTLE FRANKENSTEIN which supposedly the Shelleys and Lord Byron visited and which inspired her to write Frankenstein (though we went on Saturday night and thus were chased around by vampires and werewolves and men with chainsaws), and MESPELBRUNN CASTLE, which is old and weird and full of deer heads and weapons and creepy portraits of everyone who lived there including a woman stylishly yet unoriginally named Marie Antoniette who hosted the Grimm Brothers regularly and helped them select which versions of various tales they were going to use. Oh, and not just deer heads but heads of every animal you can think of, stuck on the walls.

Anyway, in Iceland yesterday I took a trip out to see GEYSIR and GULLFOSS and THINGVILLIR national park and I think I might be in love with the weird weird alien landscape here, all volcanic rock covered in bright green moss and snow, big rifts where the earth is pulling apart, giant wounds and huge mirrory lakes and this weird pearly soft sky you could tip over and drink out of, and I feel like I'm in Alaska mixed with Mars. I was supposed to go out last night to see the Northern Lights but sadly it was too cloudy, so I shall have to let the sky dazzle me NEXT TIME around, and then slip me into some Blue Lagoon.

But those geysers blew my mind a bit. Look:

And here is Gullfoss and me almost blowing away:

I would write more but I have to go interview a fabulous artiste named Kitty Von Sometime for my new MERMAID BLOG which will probably change your life.